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Where is the MGB Fitness Studio? 

Based in Swaythling, Southampton, the studio is ideally located just a few minutes from junction 5 (airport junction) of the M27, around 5 minutes from the M3, on a major route into the city centre. 

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Is there parking available? 

There are two free car parks available.  One is to the rear of the building, by the CoOp, accessed via Parkville Road.  The other is across the road from us, in front of a small row of shops, accessed via Stoneham Lane. 

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What is available at MGB Fitness?  What do you do? 

MGB Fitness is a team of experienced and friendly personal trainers, offering sessions from our purpose-built private training studio.  We offer private 1-2-1 training, and also small group training where up to 4 of our clients can join the session. 

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What is small group training? Do I have to provide the group? 

Our small group training sessions are designed to get clients training more regularly, meet other people training for the same goals, and at a more affordable price versus 1-2-1 sessions. 

Up to 4 of our clients can book to join the same session.  If you have friends or family also on our group training programme, when the opportunity arises, you can arrange with them to come in at the same time, but you are not obliged to provide the other participants in the sessions. 

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Who can train at MGB Fitness? 

As long as you are at least 12 years old, anyone can train here!  Whether you have never taken part in training sessions before, are a keen sports person looking to gain an edge, pregnant or post natal, big or small, old or young, or even injured or dealing with a medical condition – the team here at MGB Fitness can design and coach you through a programme that is safe and effective for you. 

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How much does it cost?  What are your prices? 

We will make a training package to suit you.  During your free taster session and consultation, we take the opportunity to get to know you and your goals and work out what that package will be.  As we are a private studio, the only thing you pay for is your training package, there are no membership fees or admin fees added on top. 

As there are many training options to choose from, we won’t know your prices until we get the chance to chat to you – but as a very rough guide, session prices range from £10 to £45 per hour. 

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What are your opening hours? 

Clients have access to book training sessions from 06:30am until 9:00pm Monday – Friday, and 07:30am until 2:00pm on Saturdays.  Our trainers also work additional times around these hours on a case by case basis with 1-2-1 clients. 

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Will you help me with my food? 

We are fitness professionals and not qualified nutritionists – which is a profession in it’s own right.  However, we do encourage clients to keep a food diary upon which we provide guidance and ideas of how to best compliment the training you are doing with us. 

The majority of the time there will be a few simple changes that need to be made in conjunction to starting a new training programme to begin seeing the results our clients are striving for.  However, if we find at any point that you require something more detailed we may refer out to a nutritionist or seek feedback from one you may already be liaising with. 

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Can I join to use it as a gym? 

We are a personal training only studio, offering our clients a more friendly, professional, and private experience that training in a typical gym.  Every session in the MGB Fitness Studio is designed and coached by one of our team of personal trainers.  For this reason, to maintain the excellent standard of service provided to our clients, we do not offer casual use of the facilities. 

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Are you only open to students / part of the university? 

Nope – though we are located in a building that also contains student accommodation, we are a private independent business, open to everyone! 

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Can I bring my baby /children to training sessions? 

As part of our post-natal training sessions, we offer Mothers the opportunity to bring babies who are not yet crawling (up to around 9 months old) along to their training sessions.  Our ‘Bring Your Baby’ or ‘BYB’ sessions are limited to the quieter times in the studio, 12-3pm Mon-Fri, but when the opportunity arises for Mums to train without their baby in-tow there are no limitations on when they can book in. 

The MGB Fitness Studio is not a safe space for babies / children who are crawling / toddling / walking, so we do not allow them to accompany adults to the studio until they are 12 years or older.  

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Can we train as a couple / with friends? 

Yes, absolutely!  It’s up to you to choose how you’d like to train.  You could book a private session just for the two / three / four of you, there is a small price supplement for each extra person, but the cost as a whole would then be divided between you. 

Alternatively, you can each join the group training programme where up to 4 of our clients can join each of the sessions, that way when you have the chance to train together you can, but when your schedules don’t match up, you still have access to lower cost sessions at a time to suit you. 

What’s even better is that MGB Fitness offer a fantastic referral bonus scheme, where if you refer a friend to us, you save £££s off your own training fees – there’s no limit to how many people you can refer and how much you can save! 

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Are there shower / changing facilities at the MGB Fitness Studio? 

Yes.  Many of our clients fit their training sessions around their commute to or from work / other social engagements so find it handy to have our spacious changing / shower room available. 

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Are your facilities wheelchair friendly? 

Yes, the studio is on the ground floor and has toilet facilities that are wheelchair friendly.  Unfortunately, our shower facility is not. 

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I am injured, can I train at MGB Fitness? 

Absolutely.  We will need to get lots of information from you during your consultation and may need to refer out to other professionals (e.g. physiotherapists / sports therapists / osteopaths etc.) before commencing training, but we will work together to make a personalised rehab plan for you. 

We can also take referrals from any of the professionals mentioned above whom you may already be working with, as well as medical professionals such as your GP or surgeon. 

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How old do you need to be to train at MGB Fitness? 

Children from the age of 12 can train with us, but require a parent or guardian to be present at every session.  It’s up to that parent / guardian if they want to join in with the training or just take a seat in our reception area to observe the session. 

Once the client reaches the age of 16 and until they are 18, they can train without parental / guardian supervision, but we will require consent to be provided at the point of joining. 

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Am I too old to train at MGB Fitness? 

No!  You are never too old to take up regular exercise.  It’s our job to create a programme that is tailored to your ability and fitness level.  The results our more senior clients achieve are often the most impressive of all, improving quality of life, ability to manage day to day tasks without discomfort, and reducing risk / significance of injury. 

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Do you need to be really fit to train at MGB Fitness? 

Not at all.  We offer training to a huge spectrum of abilities and fitness levels, and are experts at adapting exercise type and intensity to the individual taking part.  If you hold back from exercising because you think you aren’t fit enough – things won’t change! 

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What should I wear? 

Something flexible and comfortable, with the option of layers you can remove if you become hot while training.  Don’t worry about having the latest training kit or fashions – there’s no posers at MGB Fitness, we are just here to get stuck in to a decent training session and enjoy it! 

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Do you offer ladies-only sessions? 

For ladies wishing to train without any male clients or trainers, we can arrange for 1-2-1 training sessions with one of our female coaches.  However, we often have more than one session running in the studio at a time and cannot guarantee that there won’t be a male client or trainer participating in that session. 

On a case by case basis, we are able to look ahead at our bookings (and will know for certain 24 hours in advance) for times when the studio is quiet or empty of other sessions, but cannot block out regular slots in advance preventing our male clients from accessing training. 

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Do you have a pool / sauna / jacuzzi? 

No we don’t – but we do have a lovely spacious well equipped training studio, shower / changing / toilet facilities, a kitchen (for a cheeky cuppa!), and a treatment room for sports therapy sessions. 

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Do you have any treadmills? 

Nope! This may seem like a strange one to include, but we are asked quite frequently!  All sessions run in the MGB Fitness Studio are designed and coached by our team of personal trainers.  As such, they are much more interesting and advanced than simply plonking someone on a treadmill.  Large pieces of cardio equipment (such as treadmills / cross-trainers / step machines) would take up space that is currently so much better used for doing much more fun and effective exercises!! 

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