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Why Weight Loss Stalls

By Megan Batchelor

You’ve been working hard at  your food and drink intake and exercising regularly. At first, you were getting exactly what you wanted, the pounds were dropping off. But for some reason now it’s stopped. Here are our top tips on the common causes for why weight loss stalls.

Tip #1 Are you being 100% honest about what is going on?

Have you been keeping a log of you food and drink intake? Food diaries are a fantastic tool to get a much better perspective of what you are putting in your body and achieve significant weight loss. They help you to visualize the quantity and quality of your food. There are lots of fantastic apps out there to help you. We recommend to our personal training clients, it’s free and (once you get going) easy to use. If technology really isn’t your thing, simply putting pen to paper has been shown to help people achieve positive behavioral changes and lose weight. You wont get the feed back on calories and macro nutrients offered by the apps, but you can start taking responsibility for your food, and get results! However, this relies on you being completely honest and making sure to include all those cheeky fancy coffee shop drinks and alcoholic drinks!

Tip #2 Is it time for a change?

If you were initially getting results but have hit a plateau, then it’s time for a change! Perhaps you initial plan was enough to stimulate fat burn and get fitter and stronger, but unless you keep progressing your workouts there’s no reason for your body to keep adapting. As a matter of routine, we refresh our personal training programmes every 6 to 8 weeks, maintaining the fat burning potential, and helping clients to keep enjoying exercise!

Variety in your workouts will help you to achieve weight loss results and break your weight loss stall. The MGB Fitness personal training clients work through an assortment of strength and conditioning programmes. Power lifting, Weightlifting, Suspension training (TRX), High Intensity Interval Training, Box, Core stability, Mobility and Functional training drills are all incorporated into our tailor-made programmes.

Now is the time to try something new!

Tip #3 Stop obsessing over the scales!!

As a team of personal trainers, we regularly have clients approach us with an aim to ‘lose weight’. Now, I put that in quotation marks as losing weight isn’t really the crux of most people’s motivation for change, but a bi-product. After taking the time to get to know them a little more in a Free Consultation, we usually find that the root of their desire for change, is actually a better quality of life. They lack energy, get out of breath doing simple day to day activities (like walking up stairs or playing with their children), feel sluggish and ‘squidgy’, the ‘middle age spread’ has taken hold, or perhaps the post-baby weight doesn’t seem to be budging. They want to lose inches, burn excess body fat and feel in the best shape of their life.

Becoming over-obsessed with body weight along commonly leads to making bad decisions which can ultimately stall weight loss altogether…yes I’m talking to you all out there who weigh in every day!! Dehydrating themselves, skipping meals pre weigh-in (then binge-eating post), avoiding fat burning resistance training (because they have been misinformed about becoming ‘bulky’).. amongst others, these are all thing we have heard from personal training clients who have become to preoccupied by the daily fluctuations in their body weight.

Our tip? Forget daily weigh ins and focus on achieving consistency with you food, drink, sleep and exercise. The results will come, you will feel fitter, stronger, faster and leaner. As the fat burns you will naturally lose weight on the way.

Still not sure? Why not come in to meet a member of our personal training team for a Free Consultation, to make a personalised plan to get the results and break through that weight loss stall.

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